Megha-Tropiques is a satellite mission to study the water cycle in the tropical atmosphere in the context of climate change, realized as a collaborative effort between Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and French Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES). Megha-Tropiques was successfully deployed into orbit by PSLV C-18 rocket in October 2011. Read More


MT1 - Payloads

Megha-Tropiques carries the following payloads. (1) Microwave Analysis and Detection of Rain and Atmospheric Structures (MADRAS) (2). Sounder for Probing Vertical Profiles of Humidity (SAPHIR) (3). Scanner for Radiation Budget (ScaRaB) (4). Radio Occultation Sensor for Vertical Profiling of Temperature and Humidity (ROSA). Know more

Data Products

MT1 - Data Products

Megha-Tropiques provides scientific data to study the contribution of the water cycle to the tropical atmosphere and information on condensed water in clouds, water vapour in the atmosphere, precipitation and evaporation. Know More

Hand Book

MT1 - Hand Book

Megha-Tropiques Handout released during it's launch, containing about the launch vehicle PSLV-C18, Megha-Tropiques & it's salient features and auxillary payloads of PSLV-C18 is available here



Image Gallery

MT1 - Image Gallery

Image Gallery